1. Highlights for the Month:

You should highlight any major milestones achieved during the month in this section. This may include booking a new sale/order or winning a strategic client.

2. Financial results:

This should include data such as current month financials performance vs budget/prior year, review of financial forecast for entire year, sales gap and pipeline review, financial results by SBU etc.

3. Performance Indicators:

The board and management should agree the high-level KPIs to be covered in the report. Management should be able to drill down from high-level indicators to examine the underlying cause of a problem and identify appropriate action.

4. Key Hires:

You should always keep your board informed about hiring/on-boarding of key management personnel or attrition of a key person which might impact the organisation.

5. Strategic Projects:

While you are on a growth trajectory, there will be multiple strategic projects eg. fund raise, expansion into new areas etc. You should ideally give a monthly update on these to board.

6. Updates by function

Certain boards might be interested in functional performance. It can be R&D or Sales. It is important to identify key performance indicators which explain functional performance.

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