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Ultimate Questionnaire for setting up SOP Guidelines for your Finance Function

It is inarguable that finance function is an integral part of any progressive organisation. Finance Function is instrumental in assembling information, analysing for insights, advising for influence and applying for organisational impact. 

While the list is exhaustive below are the top five contributions from Finance Function.

1. Reporting accuracy: a balanced approach between effort, accuracy and relevance. 

2. Partnering and decision support: become a better partner with the business to make better business decisions. 

3. Controllership and risk: known for having robust controls embedded across your core financial processes, providing surety over your numbers. 

4. Enterprise-wide cost management: sponsoring and leading initiatives to provide cost transparency and enable the organisation to identify and act on opportunities to reduce costs. 

5. Analysis and insight: increase the level and quality of insight delivered to the business.

It is equally important to ensure Finance function is properly formed and structured and have proper processes document across various areas.

We believe each organisation is unique and we cannot put standard process which can be applied universally hence we have created the document which can explain the current status and help you understand the gaps in various critical areas and help you work on filling the gaps.