Save cash flow burn by following these simple steps for your startup, still struggling to manage, do reach out to benefit from our Treasury Solutions Practice.

It’s a great moment to give your startup’s cash flow a little dusting. Here are some easy tips you can use to try to reduce your company’s burn.

1. Collect your older receivables.

Your startup accountant should be helping you know which clients owe you cash – make sure you know when the oldest of these will be paying you.

2. Check your credit card statement :

Check your credit card statement to see which services are charging you every month, and make sure you are actively using those services. Since their statements make it easy for you to understand where your startup’s capital is going.

3. Are you adequately charging all of your existing clients?

Where their clients move up in how much they pay the more they use the service. It’s an open secret that monitoring clients’ usage is sometimes manually done… so use the spring as an excuse to check if any clients should be upgraded.