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  • December 22, 2019
  • Project your collections: Review your accounts receivable and capture collection dates for all outstanding invoices
  • Project cash from new business: Review your sales pipeline, order book and arrive at projected cashflow from confirmed revenue. These can be estimated billing of future months or pending milestones of current projects etc.
  • Project additional cash you bring to the business: Effectively this is the end result of cashflow forecast, basis your shortfall you will either fill the cashflow gap through debt or equity funding.
  • Project your expenses: You need to project your expenses at least for next 6 months basis the current billing/expected revenue growth and incorporate these projected expenses in the cashflow forecast.
  • Look at your accounts payable for prior period: You need to analyse your balance sheet and understand the completely list of outstanding liabilities which includes business creditors and statutory payable. Incorporate these in your cashflow statement.

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