• by Sriram Chidambaram
  • April 25, 2020
  • Finance for startup is more than just accounting – it integral to a company’s growth and success. Here are a few reasons why startups need a CFO partner

  • by Sriram Chidambaram
  • April 20, 2020
  • The adage, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, couldn’t be more true today in the world of business. As an entrepreneur, a big part of your business’ success is planning. A plan helps you determine your goals and set the course for your business.

  • by Saiteja Thangellapelli
  • April 5, 2020
  • Completing a “due diligence” process for Startups, allows a potential buyer or investor to learn more about a company in order to finalise a transaction or investment.

It is hard to overstate the importance of cash flow management for startups and small-mid-sized (SMBs) businesses looking to remain competitive. Unfortunately, businesses of all sizes experience a cash crunch at one point or another. It is a part of the business cycle, particularly in high competition

  • by Saket Drona
  • November 15, 2019
  • SMEs and startups have it tough. A sluggish economy, closer regulatory oversight, and acute talent shortage have made it rather challenging for smaller businesses to remain competitive. In order to succeed in such an environment,